Now, more than ever, teachers, students and school staff are in need of fast, secure network infrastructure. This network needs to be designed with the school and its students in mind. It needs to be scalable to grow as the school does. Our support team is here to assist you in designing and maintaining the best solutions for your school.

The Core of your network is one of the most crucial pieces of your school’s infrastructure. It is what allows all the information to pass from classroom to classroom and out to the Internet. It is even used to create the correct links to satellite school locations. The core network includes all the physical wires in the walls to the punch down in the Network Closet. This hardware carries the data around your campus and to either the Internet or to your other campus locations.


This Allows for Administration or IT staff to monitor and filter what students are able to view on the Web, as well as protect against virus and intrusions into the network. A typical network would include a Firewall appliance, inline Content Filter, Virtual Local Area Networks for segregating traffic on the local side of the network, Point-to-Point connections to remote locations, and VPN for secure remote access to LAN.

WIFI Network

With the demand for schools to have a 1:1 device environment, it is critical that schools have a robust wireless network to support their technology needs. ClassroomSmart has very unique advanced wireless solutions that can seamlessly support 1:1 technology learning environments.

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